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02-21-2013, 04:11 AM
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I'm doing it lazy this game because the next game is big time.

1st line 1.258 59.2 -0.6 6.56 8.62 12.03
2nd line 0.809 48.2 -4.4 3.18 4.12 6.16
3rd line 0.331 51.9 1.9 5.75 1.72 3.80
4th line -2.822 59.5 4.6 16.31 1.53 2.94
1st pair 0.324 47.7 -3.4 5.61 2.71 7.38
2nd pair -1.158 64.1 16.3 22.18 2.02 8.54
3rd pair 1.865 68.4 12.8 12.84 0.00 1.65
Forwards: Their top line has been scoring pretty high rate (although 12% is pretty crazy sh%), and their second line is scoring pretty similarly to ours... and that's without Skinner. Their 3rd line is about par with ours... Ignore their 4th line stats 'cos it's only for one player as two of them are missing from BHTN. Notice how everyone on the team has positive possession (Corsi)! Ya this team will be tough. Although, their team takes the Byfuglien approach to out-chancing their opponents (offense to create defense).
Defense: They are indeed weaker without Pitkanen but still doing alright, although I hand that to having stronger top6. Like us, they have a lot of injuries, so the usage and lines is pretty tough to make anything out of anything.

LLW 0.867 50.4 0.2 0.73 6.11 9.11
KBA 0.063 56.2 4.5 3.79 4.11 7.22
TJW -1.000 53.1 6.2 6.32 1.11 6.93
WST -1.982 36.1 -9.1 -9.11 1.76 3.29
Ha-Bo -0.003 37.6 -11.9 -5.63 1.63 8.06 
Cl-Bu 0.572 56.5 3.0 1.68 1.55 5.60
St-Po -0.862 52.0 11.2 12.25 1.31 6.96
LLW: These guys DOMINATED last game. By eyes and stats. Their possession was great.
KBA: Burmi and Antro had rough games last time but Kane made up for it. Hopefully Kane keeps going and Burmi's (minimal) + Antro's (substantial) lack of puck luck picks up.
TJW: This line seemed to work ok last game, although there wasn't much substantial that came of it. Tangradi awaits his first point, Wellwood has been underperforming, and Jokinen is looking to be as unlucky as Nino and Fehr combined last season (ok not that bad).
WST: I like Thor but there's no doubt he's the weak link here. But, weak links on a 4th line don't affect the game as much as other lines.
Hainsey-Bogosian: Oh my did this pair do well last game. Buffalo's top line did not gain a single Fenwick for (shot on goal or missed attempt) against this pair. Not one. Hopefully Enstrom returns soon so we can have 3 working pairs.
Clitsome-Byfuglien: Hopefully Enstrom returns soon.
Stuart-Postma: They've done well for a third pair, but hopefully the mistakes lessen a bit. I've noticed them both cleaning up their errors, but there's still a lot to go.

CLOSE: 50.36 (9th)
HOME: 51.81 (8th)
AWAY: 49.59 (7th)

CLOSE: 50.98 (7th)
HOME: 50.57 (10th)
AWAY: 51.61 (2nd)

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