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02-21-2013, 05:01 AM
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Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
Yes but without reality TV (nothing real about it) what would our wives watch???? Seriously get a group of wives together and they can all discuss the garage ad nauseum and I am not talking the high brow stuff on mainstream TV

Gossip is their version of sports I guess? I know that is a generalization so maybe it's only my wife and her friends "desperate housewives of any city = really sad, pathetic, self absorbed, people that are actually too stupid to understand people (normal people that is) think they are all a joke.

Now on the flip side I heard the Kardashian's made about $60 million last year so maybe it is eye who am the fool

End rant

My family has connections to some of the "real housewives" of vancouver...
So, when the women of my family get together they talk about it all the time... It's terrible!
On the goodside I got to go to the season premier parties and there was some fun there in the guys corner haha (funny how all the guys ended up congregating in the far corner...)

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