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02-21-2013, 05:24 AM
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Originally Posted by TaLoN View Post
I don't agree with that one. He was tearing up an improved AHL before his injury, how would he learn anything there in a much more diluted form?

He is adapting his game to the NHL level, and you see progress each and every game these days. Sending him down now will stop that adaptation process as things there will once again come far too easily to him.

Right now, ANY NHL ice time for Granlund is an opportunity to adapt and learn... I'd just rather he was on the 2nd line since he's been clearly outplaying both Cullen and Brodziak for more than a week now.
He wasn't exactly tearing it up. Sure, he did just fine in Houston, but "tearing it up" would be overrating his play there.

I think one issue here is that Yeo doesn't want to put two rookies on the same line. Coyle was on the 1st line for several games, but when Yeo wanted Heatley back there, Coyle was sent down instead of placed on the 2nd line (well, I think he was there for a part of the last game). I'm not nearly as hesitant about putting two rookies together, of course depending on the 3rd party, but obviously Yeo doesn't want to do that. Not yet, at least.

I think Granlund being on the 4th line for an extended period of time will do him more harm than good. Whether 4th line duty fits a prospect depends on their player profile, and Granlund's profile doesn't fit it. Neither does Zucker's for that matter. For some prospects it's a decent alternative. The ones I could see gaining the most from being on the 4th line are Larsson and Coyle. Neither one of them is projected to be a grinder either, but their profiles are more suitable for playing on the 4th line while getting used to the NHL.

Still, I think sending Coyle down instead of burying him on the 4th line was the smart thing to do. They want a top 6 power forward and when there's no spot like that open on the team (and putting him with Granlund seemed to be out of the question), let him go down and play in a big role.

When it comes to the team's best interest, it doesn't really matter who centers the 4th line for 8 minutes tonight against the Oilers, but in the long run against other teams it could matter. So burying Granlund there semi-permanently shouldn't even be considered.

In conclusion, in the long-term I think there either has to be a trade to free Granlund a place on one of the top lines and/or Yeo has to get over his fear of putting two rookies together.

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