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Originally Posted by JohnZ622 View Post
Anyone ever blocked a shot on the quads without hockey pants? I blocked a weak wristy on bare shins and it wasn't bad. No bruising or anything. Some beginner kid didn't really have good lifting control.
No, but I used to play goalie with just regular hockey equipment+ a baseball umpire protector and pads straight out of 1970(bought at the thrift store). Of course I also had a catcher and blocker.

I constantly had bruises on my arms and sometimes my thighs too. The one thing I'm really glad I had was the old school kid's hard collar neck protector. Even though it was made for 10 year olds, I could wear it with the velcro just touching instead of overlapping like an actual child would.A puck hit me right on it and bounced off. One day I somehow lost it and had to buy a soft one. I'd stopped playing goalie by then though.

Originally Posted by vapor11 View Post
Took a wrister off the shin last weekend at the outdoors..felt that one..kept playing tho

Had pickup the next night so I put a bandaid over it..didn't think about removing it with my hairy legs..not sure what stung more the shot or removing the bandaid

Oh man, I got that same injury one day when I wasn't wearing shin gurds playing regular hockey(and I didn't have any leg hair to protect me). I was cleaning it up and noticed a bulge. Figuring some large piece of lint had stuck in it, I tried to get it out, and started removing what appeared to be a vein. I shoved that back in....

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