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02-21-2013, 06:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Rangerdanger20 View Post
With the amount of flak Richards and Torts are getting right now i find it a little odd that Gaborik isn't being mentioned much at all, 3 points in his last 10 games to me just isn't cutting it. Richards is getting ripped for not playing like his salary indicates, while Gaboriks getting paid 7.5 mill to be an elite, game changing threat, that aside from the better part of two games this years hes been the furthest thing from. Specifically watching him during the snoozefest last night he looked disinterested, if there was a word for doing less then coasting i would use it but i cant think of one, the last 10 games or so hes been skating around watching while other guys work the boards expecting someone to put the puck right on his stick for him to take a shot. He was dominant in the Boston game, he was a threat out there, his presence opened up the ice for other guys because defense men were constantly looking for him to do something with the puck, and despite having chara draped over him for the entire game still used his speed, and keen puck sense to get around the defense and put himself in positions to score. If he gave us half a period of that effort last night i think it would have been a totally different game, however to me he just refuses to break a sweat to be a game changer and would rather just wait it out for opportunities that in recent games just haven't been coming.

Also i think a big part of Richards playing like **** and not creating offense is playing with a lackadaisical Gaborik lately, last year gaborik was putting himself in positions for richards to feed him, and then using his world class shot to take advantage of those oppurtunites, cant say ive seen much of that from him thus far this season.

No. No and NO. The only reason Gabby is being criticized is because he isn't as noticeable as Nash. But he has produced more than Nash or any one else on the Rangers for that matter. As long as he does I frankly don't give a ****.

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