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02-21-2013, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
So...what you are saying is hes more likely to fill out as a 2C but could potentially lock down the role hes been playing all season, and his value is only that of a 3C? I think it's fairly obvious that almost every single Flyers proposal on this board he gets mentioned along with B Schenn. Outside of G those are our two highest valued players, and I think most would argue Couturier is significantly more valued then Schenn.

This was simply a thread to gauge value, to see what could potentially be on the table if our 2nd most valuable asset were on the table. I wasn't really sure what to expect however so far most responses are significantly underwhelming. The Flyers by no means HAVE to or SHOULD move Couturier. I'm questioning what they COULD get if they CHOSE to.
yeah but the way the thread was put up it seems like your moving an established player. hes not. kid cant even get in a bar yet and his careers all mapped out on these boards. ill admit ive done it too (it involves a parade on broad st) but theres alot of room for variable. if he never gets a bit better hes still a solid 3c with an ability to lock down some of the leagues best scorers. thats the value he moves at now if the flyers try to move him. its a short sell.

in all honesty i think cooter has already gotten better since last season ended. what wed be moving on is the potential value he has and in terms of that he hasnt shown the 1st sign of slowing in his development. given time i think hell be what everyone thought he was a year and a half ago :the consesus best player in his draft year, but we wont even be in a position to make that call (and thus get a real gauge of his value) until hes out of his elc.

hes a stud prospect the flyers arent interested in moving and im pretty content to let things stay that way. if and when he becomes an elite player well pay him a boatload of money to keep putting on orange and black. or a team will overpay to take him off our hands but untill then i dont see the flyers getting better by moving him

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