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02-21-2013, 06:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
This whole idea they tried to push of, "hey forget my first two seasons, just look at my last season" and then "hey forget Duchene's first two seasons, just look at his last season." is absolutely and utterly ********.

I still can't believe they held out expecting that to work.
You're right. And people can bring in intangibles and character and everything, but the salary market still pays mostly based on offensive production. And despite Duchene producing at a much higher rate, they still thought so strongly about O'Reilly's performance and character that they offered him a $2,600,000 raise to pay him equal to Duchene, the #3 overall, expected offensive superstar of the franchise, after only 3 years. But O'Reilly isn't apparently happy enough with just being paid equally.

They offered an 18-year-old a job paying $900,000 per year, (over 1000% more than most americans twice his age make.) Then only 3 years later, they offer him a 289% raise, and he refuses to work for that. Have you ever been offered a 289% raise to basically keep doing your same job? Of those so fortunate to have received such a raise, how many of you felt insulted and turned it down?

If he'd have been drafted by that fantastic Red Wings organization he might have made < $70k for a couple seasons in the AHL and only now getting his chance to even start proving his NHL value.

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