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02-21-2013, 06:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Love you too. Yet, a great attitude, professionnalism, work ethic, fearless and committed defensively is usually traits we love to mention about bottom 6 players. Top 6 players should also have great scorers and great point getters at least on a great team. If that's what we are right now, Gionta needs to bring those traits aside from his "great qualities as a person" type of traits.

And absolutely not sure whatsoever what his past stats have anything to do with where he is at RIGHT NOW. There is a reason why Lamoriello, who considered Gionta has almost his son, told him to leave NJ and run to take Montreal because it made no sense whatsoever. Yet, he had a GREAT first season for us.With the numbers that look like slowly but surely going down. He,s clearly not tradeable material based on his salary. And I wouldn't put him on the stands either. But I just hope we could work with him by reducing his minutes. If that means I don't know hockey well then....fine. His contract his due just in 2 small years. We'll see if teams take into consideration his past years when it will be time to re-sign. Do you make him an offer? Do you still want him top 9 in 2 years?
You have to cut the guy some slack in terms of the stats.

1-he is playing against the toughest opponents on the team
2-he hadn't played a game in over a year
3-he didn't get any games in Europe like some and no preseason
4-his stats are not far off what they should be...what I would normally expect is about 3 more goals, his assists are about on par. So let's start threads about a guy needing to be out of the top 6 despite working his tail off, being a great leader/example and being good defensively because he is 3 goals off what he should be coming off a 1 year layoff with no preseason...brilliant!

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