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02-21-2013, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by SenzZen View Post
No, I am basing Havlat as a player on his while career, which is why I said he's the most one-dimensional player we've ever had, but just included his current production. His injury issues sort of go without saying, don't they? Obviously you are aware of that otherwise you likely wouldn't have gone for ppg numbers.

It was addition by subtraction when we traded him away. And presently he's not even bringing that one dimension. All the talent in the world, but no head to put it all together, and you'd trade a "low-scoring grinder" for a low-scoring, overpaid floater.
Well, if that's how you honestly see it, it's clear that what we have here is a fundamental difference in how we see Martin Havlat. If difference of opinions were measured in distance, one of us would be in the "Berkley" area of San Francisco, and the other in orbit around Neptune.

Honestly, we're probably so far from each others' opinion that it would be pointless to debate it further. We can just agree to disagree, and move on.

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