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02-21-2013, 07:23 AM
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Originally Posted by pooleboy View Post
now i dont want to sound racist (and i hope i dont come off as that because im not trying to be and im not racist)and i have no idea what was said (but i can imagine)

but if people said the same thing about white anchors no one would care. once that happens (no one caring what is said on twitter) racism will stop, the problem is people are being offended and people need to just shrug it off because there are stupd people out there. imo this thread is more or lessthe bigger problem, people just need to shrug it off and just say "idiots" (i want to add im a white male) and get back to life instead of worry about idiots on the internet.
Just a warning. I would refrain from making that argument in public because it is a racist point of view. I am sure what you are saying is good intentioned but it is an ignorant thing to say. Of course nobody is going to say something about two white anchors. Those white anchors had every advantage stacked in their favour trying to break into this industry being a caucasian male. Ignoring this societal problem will simply breed more and more racist people. There is a reason that the root word of ignorant is ignore.

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