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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I think the 1976 WCs are where I saw Martinec and Novy playing together before too. I assumed it was more regular than that.
It would appear from what you two have posted that Martinec and Novy might have only been regular linemates for tournaments that happened in 1976 and 1977, but that was basically the height of Czechoslovakian hockey.
I'm pretty sure that the 1977 WC and the 1981 WC were the only big tournaments where they were regular linemates. In the 1976 WC, it definitely looks like Martinec played with his linemates from Pardubice, i.e. Jiri Novak and Bohuslav Stastny (check out the goals scored by CSSR in the tournament*). In the 1976 Canada Cup, it was a bit inconsistent; I believe it was only the 1st final (which they lost 6-0), where Novy and Martinec started and finished the game on the same line. From the 1976 Olympics, I've seen only the USSR game and in that they definitely played on a different line. I think this would be true for other games too.

* Yeah, Wikipedia is not the most reliable source, but I'm pretty convinced those stats are mostly correct. Anyway, it looks like Novy played with Peter Stastny and Jaroslav Pouzar. In the other USSR game, there's a goal scored by P. Stastny, with Martinec and Novy assisting, but I think that was probably a PP goal - or Martinec just hadn't come off the ice yet or vice versa

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