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12-18-2003, 07:04 PM
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I don't think in all the years of watching the Canucks including the Pat Quinn era where there were clear favourites of the coach, have I ever seen two players cut more slack than the Sedins. Now that isn't their fault, I suppose it is a management decision with an idea to allow them to develop. But shouldn't there be at least some glimmer of progress?

What is scary is that there seems to be an expectation that the Sedins are all of a sudden going to blossom into bona fide second line players, between now and April. And I say April, because the Canucks are now an elite team and should be making the push for the cup, and not be predicating their success on what the Sedins may or may not become down the road.

This was to be the Sedin's breakout year but it has been anything but. They are not improving, if anything they are regressing. With the exception of a marginal improvement in skating style, what the Sedin's did well when they first came into the league has grown old, and now that other teams are familiar with them their success has decreased proportionally.

What do you do with two players who rarely hit, can't skate well enough to kill penalties, and whose shots would be an embarassment on the Canadian women's team? Well so far they seem to get time on the power play. Again, I don't fault the Sedins, that is a coaching/management decision, but good grief its time to leave the bus stop Ma 'cause the bus ain't comin'.

All things being equal, if this was April, I would be very concerned about playoff success, regardless of the teams position in the standings. It has become pretty obvious that Vancouver is and apparently will be, a one line team. I certainly would not be waiting for the trading deadline and expecting some deal to miraculously cure what has been an obvious shortcoming since last year. This team is not about the development of the Sedins, it is about winning in the playoffs. Of course the reality is what can you get for two soft players who can't score.

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