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07-13-2006, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Draft Guru View Post
Haha. It's funny, but true.

I guess I fit into that mold. Oh well, can't please everybody.

"I'm from Long Island. I curse alot and I say "yo" and say it often. I know what real pizza tastes like and I know that a bagel is more then a roll with a hole in the middle. Oh yea, it's a friggin hero, not a hoagie or a grinder, and I wash it all down with soda, not pop or cola. 4 am is an early night out and all good nights must end at a diner. A beer can be known as a cold one and we can get it at all hours. I don't go down to the shore, its called the beach. I know that 55mph really means 90. When someone cuts me off they get the horn and the finger and they expect it.I can hold my own in a fight & Im not afraid to curse at anyone. I'm from Long Island WhAT!"

Those pictures you posted are hands down the weakest examples of Brooklyn blowouts you could possibly have chosen (unless these are pictures of your own "crew', in which case I sort of, but not really, apologize).

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