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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
No, it's the HFboards GMs here that are just "maximizing their assets" not a professional organization. A professional organization that has made it a standard that they do not give into high salary demands of young players. $4-$5 million dollars is absolutely ****ing ridiculous for a 22 year old who has had just ONE great season, and that is pushing it in the 50-60 point range. I don't care what team he was on nor do I care about how people claim he would put up 70 points here on this rangers team. The guy is selfish, it is selfish demands....and the rumors about him complaining about not being made captain makes this even worse. The rangers have spent years building an identity, an identity that does not allow ego's into the locker room. We pushed Avery out the door, now we're going to bring in this immature kid who thinks he is owed things after just 3 years in the NHL? C'mon get your heads straight.

And what message does it send to the rest of the players in this organization when they have been signing guys to bridge contracts at lower cap hits? Disloyalty. I read the threads, I heard all your explanations that MDZ is expendable. I completely disagree. PMD are not floating around for grabs. If they were we wouldn't have struggled to find one over the past decade since Leetch. MDZ also signed a cheaper bridge contract for the rangers. He could've been paid more. So now we're going to trade him for RoR because we have to be in on every name available. Who's replacing MDZ? Gilroy? Barrie from the Avs? Yeah I don't think so.

Iginla would be the right pick up for this team. Absolutely would not be the "shiny new toy" because he'd be a RENTAL. The type of player he is fits the MOLD of this team. 35 years old UFA at the end of the season. He scores, he hits, he fights, he leads. Definitely could offer more than RoR which definitely costs you more in assets. Not to mention you still have players to sign in the following years in a SALARY CAP WORLD. All this talk about maximizing assets. Trading for Iginla as a rental as opposed to RoR saves you assets and money in a salary cap world.
Another RW would be the right pickup for this team? We have 3 top-six RW's on the roster already. How many more need to play out of position? Cheaper assets for a guy who will only be here for 20-ish games and we'll never see him again.

Iginla might, MIGHT give you more after the trade deadline, but I'd much, much rather address a position of need with a kid who can be here beyond the short term.

Enough with the greed nonsense already. Remember all the posts you made about Subban not being worth $4M per year so it was pointless to even consider trading for him? How he was so greedy to be holding out for big money? Didn't exactly hit that number on the head when all was said and done. You don't have any definitive answer as to what the kid would sign for with a team other than the Avs. Enough with the conjecture.

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