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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
There are a lot of people you could say this about though.

- Brodus Clay would be a fantastic monster heel - the type we saw in NXT.
- R-Truth, while not a monster, would make an amazing heel. Especially as Ron Killings.

Simply put though, you can't have a lop-sided, heel-heavy product because the lack of faces will show eventutally. Ryback could make it work because since he's so limited in the ring, he could become this monster heel that just destroys everything - sort of like what he did at the start of his run - but it's the higher profile matches that worry me. A Cena-Ryback match at any time, including Wrestlemania, would result in disaster. My opinion of course.
I think Ryback is on track to either turn heel or have a match against a guy like Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. If he turns heel he can have quick feud with Sheamus until Cena is freed up from the Rock (assuming they want Ryback v Cena this spring/summer). They've had some pretty weak WWE title matches just in the last year , and Ryback received two title shots on PPV I believe against Punk, so it wouldn't be the first time the WWE title match on a PPV wasn't that huge. But, the time to have a "bad WWE title match" is the end of the year, so you can completely flip the script and set so many new things in motion in January with the Royal Rumble.

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