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02-21-2013, 09:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Hammer Slammer View Post
The article says he wants 4.5 million per. No thanks if that's true.
It may be a shade high, but in all honesty, for me anyway, if he was our guy, I'd probably be ok with paying him that. There is some risk, obviously. Is he a 30-40 point guy, or is he a 50-60 point guy? I haven't watched him, so I honestly don't know.

If he is indeed a 50-60 point guy, and a potential Selke winner and candidate (finished 4th in votes last season) then by all means he is worth the 4.5, in my opinion.

By all accounts he appears to be a Mike Richards type of player, and I love Mike Richards, so I'd be all over this if rumors are true of Chevy being involved.

From what I have read, from some Avs fans too, is that O'Reilly may not be worth 4.5 YET, mostly because he's had that one good season. If he were to repeat that season this season (pro-rated, obviously) or even next season, he'd be worth it, and perhaps more in the coming years.

It's a risk to lock him up for 5 years *if* last season is the exception rather than the rule. So I can certainly see why Colorado, their fans, etc.. want to see more. I think MANY teams would gladly lock O'Reilly up right now for 4.5 over 5 years. But Colorado has a system, they've done it with Duchene, and now they're trying to do it with O'Reilly.

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