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02-21-2013, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Zachy Goj View Post
O'Reilly is seeking 4.5 million for 5 years? Well, to be honest that changes my dislike for him a bit. That's fair I think. If he was our guy I wouldn't mind Chevy paying him that. Should he suck it up and play for the 3.5 million per year over 2 years? Hell ya, in my opinion... but... hey if we can grab him I'd still gladly pay him 4.5 over 5 years.

I figured he was asking 5.5-6 million on a long-term 6+ year deal.

Honestly, if I were Chevy I would go hard at this guy. Could very well and in my opinion will be a 'Mike Richards' kind of guy. Question is, would the Avs trade him to a team that is moving to the same Conference? who knows.

Burmistrov + Postma? we have some extra quality picks as well ... starting point... who knows. Colorado may also want a guy like Little. I think there would be some interest here in what we could offer. If Ed Tait is talking about this, then it may have some legs.

A move like this, in my opinion, would be pretty big in Chevy putting his stamp on the team, and we need a real good center. And while putting some of this contract drama aside, Ryan O'Reilly is 100% a Chevy kind of player. And for me, O'Reilly is a Mike Richards in the making, and Mike Richards is one of my most favorite forwards in the entire league. I'd be pretty ecstatic if we landed Ryan O'Reilly for these reasons.

Edit: And ya, O'Reilly's Dad needs to keep his yap shut. No need for that crap.
I wouldnt be too bummed if we acquired O'Reilly at all. He would be a top six forward and has shown steady and good progression through his first three NHL seasons. He even did very well in the KHL as well. Guess it all depends what Colorado would want in return for him. I think he would fit in nicely with our team. Our management has shown it will gamble so I think O'Reilly would be a good gamble for a long term player.

Has Garrett done any advanced stats for him ?

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