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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
Avs challenged the Broncos during the glory days. That said Broncos will always be #1.

The majority of sports I have met in Colorado are fans of all the teams (Nuggets, Rockies, Avs, etc.), but they are also huge bandwagoners and will go to the team that is winning games. The attendance for The Can has been below average the last couple of seasons, but that is due to poorly constructed teams and rebuilding. Playoffs are usually soldout in every sport.

As the for the culture, I think the potential is very in Colorado, but it hasn't progressed as much as I thought for glory days of the Avs. Maybe we have to wait a few more generations. Though it has progressed astronomically. We have two fantastic triple AAA programs, one Junior A III team, and great college hockey culture where we get decent players.

The problem is kids growing up are playing multiple sports, baseball/football/hockey as I see it and they normally choose the baseball or football route instead of hockey.
I'd say that youth hockey has made a great recovery since the Nords moved to Denver. Before that many of the hockey rinks I remembered growing up had been converted to indoor soccer or storage or closed altogether. The hard thing is the climate doesn't allow the backyard/pond hockey experience for kids. It's cheap to go out with a football or baseball, bat & a few mits and play pickup game with your friends vs. hockey with out a indoor facility. With that you pretty much have to have the full set of pads, pants, gloves, helmet, etc. too to play a pick up game at the rink. Versus places just a bit farther north that has the local pond that has ice safe enough to play on day in and day out.

Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post different than any other fanbase, really. It's a rare occasion to see fans line up to watch a struggling team. Sure, there are the Leafs in Toronto or the Cubs in Chicago, but that doesn't happen very often. Even the Broncos started taking some hits at the gate when McDouchebag was in charge, hence the quick firing.
Yeah the Broncos are the exception which shows how bad it was with McDumb@$$ that folks decided not to show up for the games. Too bad it doesn't work the same way with the Rockies... people are just too happy to show up and sit in the sun for an afternoon game (unless they're a fan of the opposing team).

Originally Posted by Avs View Post
I'm not from Colorado, but it all depends on if the team is winning or not. The Avs do hold the NHL record for most consecutive sellouts, which came from 95-03 (the glory days, obviously.)
Yeah the typical "If you build it... they will come". There is still the CORE hockey fan that will go to games on a regular basis but IMO even back in the glory days the lower bowl was full of fans that where there because it was the place to be vs. going to watch the product on the ice. I had season tix from 98-06 and was amazed at the number of games that the upper level would be almost packed and the lower level would be half full. Could be because they're corporate seats and they couldn't find anyone to give them to but hey I got Rockies tickets behind home plate one season back when Vinnie Castilla and Andres Galaraga where playing.

Oh and OT... I enjoyed the game last night on my new HD tv I got for Christmas.

(see my post above from 2008)

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