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02-21-2013, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by CTHabsfan View Post
Gotta love these, "I'm smart enough to realize player X sucks, but know that there are GMs out there who are dumb enough to give a good return to the Canadiens in exchange for player X", threads.
That was absolutly not the initial proposition of this thread. I personnaly never state that gionta was sucking, and I just presupposed that some GMs may like his intangibles enough in a Cup run to give an interesting return in a trade. It's all pretty far from your assessment.

I'm starting to be sick to read so much "you don't know hockey...", "that's plain stupid...", and other direct or indirect insults every time there is a discussion on this board.

There are solid arguments in this thread, both ways. Why not keeping it at that?

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