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02-21-2013, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by ArGarBarGar View Post
Alright, here is some clarification since it seems a few people are not aware.

1. You must send a private message to each of your opponents to be eligible to play their CPU.
2. You must wait until the day of the advance to play a person's CPU only if you made an effort to contact them and they did not respond or give you any time to play.
3. You must not simulate a game. Always play the CPU if it comes to that.
4. You must have your CPU enabled so I don't have to boot you if you aren't active.

A GM accidentally simmed one of their games and wasn't aware of the rule. Make sure you are aware of these four points so we can have a productive and friendly league.

New contact information will hopefully be provided shortly in the OP, but in the meantime it shouldn't be hard to find a way to send a message to your opponents by a simple search.

Finally, advance will be Saturday at 9 P.M.
PLEASE PLEASE follow the rules guys! they aren't hard to follow!

Thanks to ArGar I finally updated the contact information

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