Thread: Confirmed with Link: Jochen Hecht - 1 year, $1 million cap hit
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02-21-2013, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by SabreBlood View Post
Everything aside from advanced stats appear to be lost on you.

Advanced stats are a solid tool, but that is all. They absolutely do not tell the entire story of any player.
I do look at other things, sure. I've seen the unwillingness to engage in puck battles and, at times, refusal to take a hit to maybe make a better play. But I also think you underestimate subjective things like his calmness when the puck is on his stick in the defensive zone.

I don't think Hecht is a perfect player by any stretch. I've said on numerous occasions that he should be on a 4th line, and would be but for poor roster-building by Regier--and everyone can agree that isn't Hecht's or any player's fault. At the same time, I think he's been fine in his role--which is all you can ask of a role player. He's neither expected to be, nor compensated to be one of the team's bellcows. On the list of the team's problems, I don't think he's near the top.

Originally Posted by SabreBlood View Post
And please...Save the hyperbole. No one is salivating over Porter getting a shot.

But go ahead and argue it's not deserved...Do you actually believe it's not deserved?
I'm actually fine with it. He may give us a bump in the first few games, but those players tend to level out over time. Over the long-term, I don't see him making a big difference one way or another.

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