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02-21-2013, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Huffer View Post
The money thing is an interesting situation. ROR had a good season last year for sure, but he is just coming off of his ELC and getting his second contract.

The owners fought to keep the second contract restrictions because they feel that it is very important to them. Plus, we have seen guys fresh off of their ELC's take those bridge deals (Duchene, Subban, etc). I don't really fault the Avs at all in their desire to want ROR to prove more before giving him the big money. That's why the owners value the 2nd contract. If they just gave him max dollars now, what's the point on all the restrictions on the 2nd contract? Also, what does that say to Duchene? And, what happens then when other guys come off their ELC's like Landeskog? Are they going to skip the 2nd deal entirely and get max dollars? Doesn't seem fair to the owners.

On the flipside, I can see some of ROR's thinking as well. He could say, "sure, I'll sign the bridge contract, but then you can't throw me down on the 3rd line and ask me to be your checking centre while Stastny and Duchene get all the points. That's not going to help me get big money when my bridge deal is done."

As far as tradeing for him, Bob E made a good post in the Draft thread about how trading for ROR also frees up the Jets in terms of the draft. Sure we don't have to draft for need and drafting BPA is best, but having ROR and Scheifele in the mix (and probably one of Little or Burmistrov if one is traded for ROR), means that reaching for a C isn't nearly as important as it might have been.

If the pieces were some combination of Little / Burmi + Postma it would probably be good for us. Any more than that and I would think it would be getting close to overpayment. Unless ROR becomes what some Avs fans think he can be and that is a #1C. It's a little worrisome though considering he's never scored more than 19 goals in a season since he was 16.

Nice evaluation here. Agree on all points.

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