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02-21-2013, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by chuckdobbins View Post
His first few weeks as Ryback he actually seemed like a heel. He just came out and squashed a pair of random 100 pound guys every show and left. It should have stayed that way until a midcard face challenged him, and you could then give Ryback a manager to cut the promos, similar to Lesnar/Heyman without all the talent

Then out of nowhere they started faking the crowd noise for the feed me more crap, and then it was sort of a "wait...this guy isn't a heel?" situation. He still doesn't really get much of a pop, ever.
I don't understand what they did with Ryback. They had Ryback bury the Miz, who was the US champ at the time, which seemed to point to them having a feud. Next he's standing up to Punk and in the WWE Title picture. So in essence, they buried the US champ for no reason.

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