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Originally Posted by Jabroni1994 View Post
Anyone care to provide a scouting report on Ryan O'Reilly?

And what are we pitching? MDZ? Is that the latest?
Hope you don't mind me stopping by. Just thought I'd touch on a few parts of his game.

He's not the quickest skater, but he gets around well enough. He's got an odd skating stride, but it works for him. He is also very agile, especially when he is standing still (sounds funny, I know). He is really good at doing quick little spins. You will very rarely see him get hit. He moves the puck quickly and then avoids the hit, which keeps him in the play.

His shot isn't the greatest, but he has a knack for being around the net, picking up a lose puck and taking enough time to score. He just has that calmness where a loose puck is there, and he doesn't just slam it right back into the goalie. He also has a great back hand that you'll see come out in the shootout. He occasionally rips a slapshot too which he has sniped with quite a few times. If he is in a dangerous scoring area, he has a good enough shot that he will put it away.

He's got really good hands. He is not a dangler, but his puck control is impressive. He can constantly take a bad pass and not miss a stride. He uses his feet well in this sense. You also won't really see him get stripped of the puck. If he gets stick lifted, you can pretty much bet he's going to steal it back immediately.

His best asset is his mind. He defensively reads the play really well, which leads to a lot of turnovers from the opposition. He just knows where to be, and has a great stick for pokechecks and sticklifts. He has one of those motors that doesn't quit, so he just keeps going and going at the opposition. He doesn't throw big hits, but he is very strong and will close players off into the boards. He's one of those players where you will almost never think to yourself, "wtf was he thinking." He's just really smart.

Long story short, I'd say he's great at puck possession, passing, and playing defensively, which makes him a great player in the offensive zone. He really benefits his linemates in that sense. To add to that, he has good enough skating, shooting, and vision that his numbers won't be a fluke. When he first got into the NHL he had 11 points in his first 13 games. Since then he has done nothing but work his ass off to improve. He is a guy who will run the Pepsi Center stairs if the Avs lose. Nothing is good enough of for him, and that is what scares Avs fans. He works probably as hard as he physically can, so it is hard to put a limit on what he can do.

Plus, it's not like these skills came out of nowhere, "The story says opposing coaches were obviously impressed by his game too, as he finished in the top three in a trio of categories when voting was conducted for the 2009 OHL Western Conference Coaches Poll. O'Reilly was voted as the conference's "Best Penalty Killer," finished second in the "Best on Faceoffs" category and tied for third place with No. 1 overall selection John Tavares in the "Best Playmaker" voting." Just to add, Avs fans had given up on Duchene last season and would take O'Reilly over him. If you guys end up with him, you will not be disappointed.

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