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Originally Posted by bottomofthefoodchain View Post
Kinda OT but Brunnström was never a star in the SEL, not even close. His agent sure did a great job making him look like one though
Very true, I chose my words poorly. Let's just say that they (Brunnstrom & Gustavsson) were both very hyped, coming out of the SEL.

Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
While I won't try to argue away a certain risk being involved, the bolded isn't true. The basis for this isn't just eight games in the NHL. The basis is the Ducks' staff's evaluation that he'll be worth it. The eight games play into it, but so does everything they have seen from him in the past two years of which we know they haven been watching closely. He's paid for his quality as a hockey player, not for his NHL resumee, and it's not impossible for NHL clubs to come to a fair conclusion on that without a big NHL sample size. That sure leaves a risk. But considering it a gamble on a short hot streak is a misrepresentation of the realities.
I've already made my case that success in another pro league is not necessarily a guarantee of success in the NHL. Like I said, Brunnstrom and Gustavsson (two recent examples off the top of my head but I'm sure you could find many more) were both heavily scouted just like the Ducks did with Fasth and that didn't stop them from falling on their faces in the NHL.

The difference is that Fasth has gotten off to a red-hot start (actually didn't Brunnstrom have a hat trick almost immediately into his NHL career?) but the risks are similar.

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