Thread: Speculation: Has Adam Oates Been Fired Yet????
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02-21-2013, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by g00n View Post
I think those are more set plays and roster strategies than a "system".

In general, it's supposed to be a "hybrid", which I would also call "balanced" or "normal" in the sense that offense and defense are equally important. And we know the d-men are supposed to activate and pinch more.

Beyond that, what do we actually know? We knew DH went with a kind of "man to man" defense that often created massive confusion. Oates seems to have gone back to more of a zone defense (thank god). And players seem to be more prone to take shots instead of just trying to feed the same 2 or 3 players all game long (the PP excepted).

Other than that, what is there? What's the neutral zone and forecheck policy? It seems like an active forecheck and not a trap, correct? Is there a difference in spacing or dump vs carry in philosophy? Are there set plays and standing orders for positional rotations?

Or are they just going out there with some general concepts like "support" and "work the cycle" and allowing their years of hockey experience to carry it out on the fly?
Sorry I could answer yesterday... busy.

But players who played for Adam during the lockout say it's a system.

In that type system, yes, it's a stack or trap usually.

As for set plays: gotta be, and dollars to doughnuts, many involve #8

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