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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
Well I read through like 6 pages of the +/- thread thing, and that seemed to be the general consensus. The Pens were stupid for being undisciplined and playing "the flyers' game". I apologize though for saying "all", as I was unaware that someone would actually take that at it's literal face value. Also, way to not even mention the team that won the game as being a reason the Pens lost.
It's their new favorite delusion. It's also how 99% of them explain away last year's playoffs, that Fleury (no mention of Bryzgalov of course) had "the worst performance a goalie has ever had".

Credit to the ONE guy I saw over there who said there isn't a goalie alive who could control the madness that happens when these teams meet. It's what I remember thinking during the playoffs (and the 7 or 8 subsequent re-watchings over the summer ). That there's a limit to what one guy in pads can do against the chaos of the universe.
Originally Posted by kicksave27 View Post
The pens heads snap back like bobbleheads whenever people are around, especially neil.
The end of the first was yet another hilarious moment. He did legitimately get tapped by a stick, but he launched his stick about 30-35 feet in the air. The slow motion replay went on for about 10 seconds, and the stick only came back in on the top of the screen at the very end.

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