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02-21-2013, 10:06 AM
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Richards will be on the team next season. That gives us

Say Richards is bought out in 2014, but Nieves will be ready. That gives us
Lindberg /Boyle

We will be deep next season and even deeper in 2 seasons, why do we need RoR?

Another argument for the trade is: cap management.
Let's go to the numbers and dig a little deeper.
DZ is paid 2.25 M for 2 years.
RoR wants 4M per.
That's 1.75 Mil added to the cap right away.

Let's even go further into the future and assume DZ is going to ask for 4M, that will only cancel out what RoR is going to be paid.
Don't see no cap savings by trading DZ for RoR. I see a cap hit of 1.75 M short term.

Let's try the other proposal: DZ + Boyle for RoR + Barrie
2.25M + 1.7M= 3.95 M
4M + 900K= 4.9M

Again an addition of 1 M to the cap.

Let's go even further into the future
Say DZ wants 4M in 2 years, But Barrie would probably get DZ's current numbers
4M + 1.7M = 5.7M
4M + 2.25M = 6.25M

Another 500 K added to the cap long term.

I don't see any savings to the cap as claimed, either short term or long term.

The value of the trade is in the eye of the beholder. Objectively looking at the numbers, there is no way you can justify the trade, unless you make huge leaps of faith.
1- RoR's numbers last year were not an oulier. If they are, then the trade would look as silly as the Shattenkirk and Stewart for EJ.
2- RoR at 22, the same age as DZ, is still progressing and will be a 60+ scorer eventhough nothing in his background suggests that kind of production.
3- RoR is willing to play nice in NY and sign a bridge contract.
4- DZ has plateaued at 22 years of age and he cannot progress anymore, unlike RoR.
5- Barrie will be at least as good as DZ.

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