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02-21-2013, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by artysmith View Post
About goaltender development, we have all the pieces we need. It is exactly like Edmonton a couple years ago. They were a sub-par team (let's face it, the Flames need work), and they gave Khabibulin the reigns, but also ran with Dubnyk and slowly developed him at the NHL level. There is something to be said about acclimatizing a player to the building, the city, and the big club's ways. Now, Dubnyk could arguably be the Oilers #1 (I believe they are still going with Habby/Dubbie split?) I think that Irving could be as good, if not better than Dubnyk and that if we gave Kipper less and Irving more, Irving will not be a bust and actually turn out into the goalie we saw him turning into when we drafted him in the first round.

Anyone agree/disagree? I would like feedback as I JUST thought of this.
I agree with you. If Irving is eased into a tandem situation, I think he still has lots of room for development and will end up being quite good.

Originally Posted by StreakingRed View Post
What stood out to me the most last night was the lack of retaliation when MacDonald got ran over. Not only does this team suck but they're pansies as well. Softest team in the league. We are the team other teams look forward to playing, especially at the Dome. How depressing.
This, wow I could not believe how this team just skated away like nothing happened. If I was MacDonald I would of been absolutely choked that no one stuck up for me, I am sure he took it in stride but wow.

It really is a great metaphor for this team. It is one thing to be soft, and another entirely to just not give a **** about your team mates.

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