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02-21-2013, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by FLAMES666 View Post
Well I pulled this from Calgary Puck, apparently this is what Ken King said about Iginla recently:
"We didn't invest 80 Million dollars in Iginla to send him off to another team to win there", He also mentioned that they don't owe it to Iginla to have him go win somewhere else [Edit: The tone here seemed directed at fan sentiment, and not anything about dealings between the club and Iginla], he should be here to help us win. Would like to see Iginla be a first ballot hall of famer (and I think the inference was that he play his entire career here).
Remember that King is an expert at talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Of course they didn't invest $80 million for him to win somewhere else and want him to help the Flames win. This tells me at least one thing - he's not going to walk away at UFA for nothing, and that by the deadline if there's no agreement on a contact extension Iginla is as good as gone.

Originally Posted by Gary83 View Post
Do you realize how much money Ken King has probably made for Edwards and others?

His job stems so much further beyond being president of the Flames. This isn't me disagreeing with you, but as I stated in the main thread I feel that Calgary's #1 priority is making money (obviously not foolish) as opposed to building a cup contending team. That is a crappy outlook for the fans and granted, it's just my personal opinion, but the Calgary Flames have yet to give me any other reason to change that opinion.
Missing the playoffs year after year will start to drive the fans away, and the team will start losing significant money again. Prior to the "young guns" era, it took six first round exits and another 3-4 years of missing the playoffs before this team got into serious trouble with a disinterested fan base. Guess what? We're almost there now. I suspect that the waiting list for season tickets is starting to get shorter. I know the casual Flames fan (between the lockout and underwhelming performances) doesn't care anymore.

If ownership cares about making money, they need to be concerned about having a competitive team.

Or maybe this is the "blow it up" rebuild that everyone's been clamouring for? Lose a bunch of games, but under the guise of "being competitive" under the watch of Feaster & Hartley (aka: the scapegoats)

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