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02-21-2013, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by pcanuck View Post
Also consider that fans like us here in Edmonton get NHL games for free, while Winnipeggers are paying $10 a month for the TSN Jets (which should be free but they are soaking fans further). So consider 300K homes that get the channel at $10 a month (where the Jets retain 70% of the net revenue; so $7 a month) at 7 months (Oct-Apr) - $49 x 300K homes. That's $14.7M a year in TV revenue for NOTHING ....
What are you even talking about. The Jets get exactly 0 dollars from every TSN Jets subscription. The Jets sold their regional tv rights to Bell and that's where they got their money. Bell decided to create a dedicated TV channel to show the games on called TSN Jets. Bell worked out arrangements to sell said channel to Shaw and MTS. Shaw and MTS charge their viewers to subscribe to that channel while Bell who owns the rights offers it as part of their tv package for free (I beleive).

The Oilers regional rights were sold to Rogers and Rogers decided to show those games ontheir regional Sportsnet channel. To claim the Jets are somehow fleecing fans by "charging" for a TSN Jets channel shows a complete lack of understaning of how it works.

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