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02-21-2013, 10:14 AM
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I don't see HNIC leaving CBC for a few reasons

1) It's tradition. There are very few hockey people who grew up NOT watching HNIC on CBC. It's comfortable. It's home. And its one of the only times non-hockey fans watch.

2) CBC makes a profit off HNIC and could run into some serious financial problems if they lose it. I know there are some die hard here who want to keep their $50 a year in taxes and kill off CBC, but there are still some sensible ones here who enjoy Canadian programming and a true-Canadian network. Losing CBC would put thousands of Canadians out of a job and would be a huge blow to Canadian media and culture.

3) Having one night a week (Saturday) where hockey is available to everyone is a sweet deal for the NHL. Full exposure. There are still a lot of people without TSN and having that extra reach of CBC means the NHL gets more viewers/airtime.

4) NBC is the only major player in the States for national broadcasts. In Canada we have TSN and CBC. Maybe add in Sportsnet and CTV. Having multiple stations means a few things. One, the NHL gets far more leverage and money than with just one station. Two, the NHL gets far more exposure.

The landscape of the NHL has really changed since the last TV contract. I wouldn't be surprised if you see the total Canadian TV contract blow away the American one.

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