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02-21-2013, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Zachy Goj View Post
This is a pretty legitimate point, as Huffer pointed out too. There is a lot of contradiction here by Colorado. So you won't pay him like he's a top center, but here you are demanding trade pieces as if he is one. Pick your stance, because both don't quite line up.

With that being said, and as Huffer perfectly described, the Avs very well may believe he is a top center, but are trying to keep these 2nd contracts in line and structured for the better of their organization, and I can't blame them either. But the reality is, is I bet 3/4 of the NHL's teams, or close to it, would pay O'Reilly 4.5 over 5 years even if he is coming off his ELC. Colorado may shoot themselves in the foot more often than not trying to do it this way.
Stan Kroenke is a notoriously cheap owner......who knows how hamstrung the GM is on the ROR saga.

nothing wrong with Colorado holding out for an overpayment but they do risk him getting offer sheeted for more than they were planning on paying him in the 1st place and being forced to match.

I like ROR but is he a 1st line centre (not a rhetorical question)? I would take him in a heartbeat but would not want to overpay for him and that might be what it takes. Glad to hear Chevy is shopping and grinding.

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