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02-21-2013, 10:20 AM
Ward Cornell
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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
Reading between the lines? Fair enough.

Maybe they bailed because they know the Spits have a cooked deal with the O? Maybe Mark has put the bid outta reach. Shouldnt he put his best bid forward?
They are fully within their rights to put together a bid that no one else can match. Considering the wealth of the Knights (richest in the league by far?) they can blow other teams out of the water every 3 years.
Is it right? it good partnership with the other teams?
I just think having 2 or 3 teams having a chance to win the bid because of wealth is just bad for the league. Imagine how teams and fans in OS, Erie or other small teams feel?
Does this mean the league should bring in a certain time frame between winning the bid and the next time they can bid?
I personally wouldn't want that but this may bring about such a rule.
Those are questions that we all may have different answers to but no one will be wrong.

Too bad having a host team and host city is one and same.

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