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02-21-2013, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by TylerSVT View Post
Lets hope they actually go 11-22 so the madness can finally stop. We need a good pick this year.

What is likely going to happen:

Flames continue to toil along until Kipper gets back, they will be a 14th place team in the west. Once Kipper returns the team will go on a bit of a winning streak bringing them back up at 10th place, trade deadline passes and the Flames hold tight because they think they have a chance. Season ends, we are 4-5 points out of it, draft 10th-13th overall, get a marginal prospect, Management tries to "sell" fans on the idea that "if we had Kipper we would have made the post season"

Roll credits.

TLDR: Flames will do what they always do.
my gut feeling is that this is what will happen, unfortunately. I almost (almost) hope Kipper comes back and sucks so we have no choice but to move on.

Its Kipper though so he will have 10 Shutouts in a row and we will end up in 10th with 10 games to go, none of which we will win. Woohoo! GFG.

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