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02-21-2013, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
I don't think it's any of Ken King's business as to who is selected to be a Calgary Flame on any given night, unless he wants to manage the hockey operations (assuming that quote is real). And to argue that Iginla was an investment is to argue any player as an investment. Why wasn't Bourque a 20 million dollar investment?
I think ownership is slowly going to realize soon enough that they need to change their ways. Its most likely that we will miss the playoffs this season for the 4th time.. They can't be that blind. 4 years... Its no fluke anymore, the team simply doesn't have what it takes to make the playoffs. They have to be considering their options now.. they have to, they need to realize that they won't keep their fan base anymore if they are finishing 9th -10th place every season.

Originally Posted by TylerSVT View Post
Lets hope they actually go 11-22 so the madness can finally stop. We need a good pick this year.

What is likely going to happen:

Flames continue to toil along until Kipper gets back, they will be a 14th place team in the west. Once Kipper returns the team will go on a bit of a winning streak bringing them back up at 10th place, trade deadline passes and the Flames hold tight because they think they have a chance. Season ends, we are 4-5 points out of it, draft 10th-13th overall, get a marginal prospect, Management tries to "sell" fans on the idea that "if we had Kipper we would have made the post season"

Roll credits.

TLDR: Flames will do what they always do.
Seems legit.. I guess our only hope is that Kipper's injury drags on a couple more weeks.

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