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02-21-2013, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Snot Rocket View Post
Never paid much attention to this kid...guess I have some tape to start watching.

So far looking at the numbers, I would not trade away Little or Burmi just yet.
Here is my reasoning.

Little is 25, last year his numbers were alright, but he was snake bit at the start of the season. Sure 08-09 he put up better numbers, then there were the 2 years in between...However, we have a known stable commodity.

Burmi just turned 21 a few months back and is developing in the NHL. He has played a solid 200ft game this year, and works his rear off out on the ice.
Most guys get to be seasoned a down on the farm, Burmi was put in before he was ready. I believe the points will come for this kid yet and I think he will have his breakout year next season as we have seen a solid steady progression.

ROR - 22 years old, the similar numbers year by year as Burmi, though with one more season under his belt. Comes with crazy father who seems to like to poke his nose into the media and make outlandish comments, and sometimes the apple does not fall very far from the tree. We already have requisite media circus attractions with some of our players; do we need more of that?
Maybe getting this kid into Winnipeg gives Kane a big break in terms of attention But yeah, a meddling dad a la Lindros (or was that the mother?) maybe not going to go over well in Winnipeg.

I don't want to see us trade Burmistrov. I know he's not bringing the points but he's bringing everything else to the table and really is still finding his way in the NHL IMO. I'd say keep him. I understand it will take something very good to get ROR here but Burmistrov wouldn't be who I want to move. How about Postma, Antropov and a bucket of pucks?

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