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02-21-2013, 10:44 AM
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I think there are a lot of good points being made in this thread regarding RoR's whole situations with the Avs.

I respect the fact that the Avs are trying to limit 2nd contracts to bridge contracts. But at the same time there's no reason the Jets should play by the same rules. They've already handed out large 2nd contracts that buy UFA years. If they feel RoR is up to that standard then they should pull the trigger.

What RoR would cost is a pretty big issue though. I'm not certain what we'd have to send to beat the offers they have on the table. I view him as a player that has a good chance to develop in to something close to Patrice Bergeron so I'd be behind them paying the price to make it happen.

I think that Zachy Goj's point regarding the Av's handling of RoR is really why he isn't signed yet. I think that all last season they (Avs brass) were praising RoR as a high character player, one that they were happy to be building around and a guy they were asking to take on more of a leadership role in the dressing room. Then when it came to negotiate the contract they started playing all that down, saying he's shown some promise but still isn't there, etc. I can definitely see why this was upsetting from the point of view of RoR's camp. Money, of course, is the overriding issue but they have handled the situation quite poorly IMO.

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