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02-21-2013, 11:00 AM
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It's been proven that teams don't need to tank to rebuild. We don't need to lose to rebuild. Of coarse drafting is important but so is developing those picks. The Flames HAVE rebuilt the devopmental and scouting.

Now it's time to turn the page with the product on the ice. Changed the coaching philosophy already so now it's players.

Last year when we lost players to injury our call-ups were the best players every game. They fought to stay in the line-up. Problem is there are only 1 or 2 spots to fight for right now. You can't expect Sven to blossom as a superstar if he plays in the 4th line with 4th line guys (see backlund, Boyd, Lombardi, etc)

We need to move Iggy for anything. We cannot re-sign him. Then we are stuck with relying on an aging vet to carry our team. We have to move Kipper because he has value to a contender. Or he can make a bubble team a contender. We have to move Cammy because he doesn't lead by example, he is small, and he seems to have lost a step. He doesn't score big goals and is also a liability injury wise. Plus he can also get us a decent return.

I am against moving Gio but will sacrifice the loss for a great return. But you must keep either him OR JBo. Not both.

The flames can trade those 4 players. Each of them can get you a wide variety of assets.

I mean remove production from those can't get any worse than where we are today, right? In fact with the pieces you bring in we could be better with players fighting to stay on the roster.

Plus our cupboards get stocked with 3-4 first round picks in one season.

Then let GlenX, Tangs, the Czecks and our younger prospects run this fast paced hockey and try to add some real centers in FA or in the trades.

It's time, but we don't need to tank, we just need to move those 4 players (and 20mill in salary)

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