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02-21-2013, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Kwayry View Post
RoR is not a top C prospect, your statement says it all.
No. He is a top center prospect. The word "prospect" means he isn't one yet, but is expected to reach that status, so of course there is some uncertainty.

As a prospect, ROR is not particularly risky or unlikely to reach that level. The fact that he's done it once is actually evidence that he's likely to only get better from there.

"If he pans out". Nothing in his background says he is, except for one good season out of 3.
22 year olds don't often suddenly get worse for no reason, they are generally improving their games. If you get to pretend that it's a big mystery as to whether ROR will ever put up another 50 point season, I get to say the exact same thing about the 22 year old MDZ... who, by the way, has only put up 40 points..... ONCE.

You hedged again.
It's not 100% certain. It's likely, though. It's as likely as any time a team has ever traded for a prospect.

The question is, is it better to have a proven 40 point dman or a likely #1 center if he pans out based on a 1 good season.
I will take the sure thing everytime.
You are disingenuously insinuating that a 22 year old center with excellent defensive potential and one 55 point season on his resume out of 3 seasons total, is somehow more of a risk than a 22 year old defenseman who only has one 40 point season on his resume out of 3.

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