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02-21-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
How long of a rebuild are you planning? Not only are you giving up on one prospect in exchange for an unknown, you're pushing back when you will get a serviceable player by 2 years.

Had Johan spent all of last year in the WHL, all of this season in the AHL, we'd be excited to see him next year in the NHL. But because he was in the NHL last year, not getting much playing time, then sent to the AHL this year to properly develop where he should, people see it as a regression, and are ready to give up on him.
I'm not necessarily advocating it, I was just wondering aloud as it were. (For the record I also am a big Johansen fan and think he shouldn't have been sent down). However, I do think that there are a number of players this year who have at least as high a ceiling as Johansen (though Johansen's floor is now significantly higher than all but a few, with how well his defensive game has progressed)

As for the rebuild time, I imagine that it will be three years+ regardless of if we have Johansen or not. As for regression, I don't see it. He was being asked to concentrate on everything but scoring in the AHL and it showed when he was called up. Johan is rounding out his game not regressing.

My biggest fear though is that when he is called up and he will end up not achieving his full potential, because as a playmaker he has no finishers around him. Johansen is not like Nash who could single handedly manufacture goals regardless of the team around him. Johansen is excellent at opening up the ice and breaking defenses down creating opportunities for others. His passing, vision and Hockey IQ are IMO already among the highest on the team, but his game requires adequate linemates. I couldn't count the number of times this year that Johan made a great pass or a smart play that went unheralded because his line mates were incapable of playing at that level.

BTW midway through the post I realized that I knew my own answer to trading Johan was no, unless he we can get one of Mackinnon, Jones, Drouin, Barkov for him.

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