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Originally Posted by Jumpavleau View Post
Newbiest of newbs here. I'm going to be taking up hockey, starting with skating lessons next month.

I have a question about cross-dominance and stick handedness. I write and eat lefty, throw/bat righty, shoot a gun right handed but try to aim with my left eye. Yes, that doesn't work very well, I'm a terrible shot.

My question is, after fooling around at my LHS, it felt more comfortable shooting righty, but poke-checking lefty. Just to make sure I'm clear on the definitions of handedness, I mean I felt more comfortable shooting with my left hand on top and right hand on the shaft, while I felt like I had more control of one-handed functions with my right hand.

Assuming I'm understanding the functions of both, do you guys think it would be easier for me to learn to shoot lefty or poke check, puck handle, etc., righty? I'm pretty confident that each way felt more comfortable for specific tasks, but should I go the flat blade route and just play both ways for a bit? I'm just worried I'm going to end up playing righty, then grab the butt end with my right hand to poke check lol

I also want to tack on an unrelated question here, since you're all very knowledgable. If there's a better place, I'd be happy to take it there.

I'm 29 and played sports at a relatively high level (baseball, and to a much lesser degree, american football and basketball) until I fractured my L5 vertebrae roughly 10 years ago. After my recovery I became very sedentary. In the last few years I've really come to love the game of hockey and am using it as an avenue to get active again. I'm 5'8" 180 lbs and am extremely out of shape. Cardio is horrendous, I can usually last a couple minutes on my spinning bike before I have to jump off because I'm sucking serious wind. For those that have gone through beginner skating classes, will they be a good work out? Something that can double as a good primer to a light cardio regimen at home? With the intention that the more advanced classes, then eventually rec games will all serve to ramp up to a suitable cardio base.

I've just never been an exercise for exercises sake kind of guy, most of my exercise even back in my heyday took place on the field and had an aspect of fun to it. I just could never get excited like that about the weight room. I'm hoping hockey can do that for me again.

Thanks guys.
To what hand you should shoot: Based on what you said definitely shoot right. The poke checking and what not comes along with practice, but if you're trying to shoot with the opposite handedness it's going to be damn near impossible. Ignore when you have 1 hand on your stick, whatever feels more comfortable with the puck and 2 hands on your stick is what you should go with. (For what it's worth, I can't do anything left handed and yet I feel completely comfortable with my left hand for poke checking after playing for a long time)

As for the workout: A beginners class will most definitely still be a cardio workout. It will also be a legs workout as well... don't be surprised if your calves and legs are burning at the end. As you work your way up it gets more and more intense for sure but you do get used to it. I'm the exact same way with exercise... hate it, don't do it unless it's fun. Hockey is basically the only exercise I get and I'm still in decent enough shape to go hard for a game when I play it regularly.

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