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02-21-2013, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
It really isn't.

Dater is as informed as any of us and he's saying what he thinks based on what he's been seeing and that's the Avs promoting from within.


1994 - Crawford [poached from AHL from Leafs]
1998 - Hartley [promoted from AHL farm team affiliate Hershey]
2002 - Granato [brought-in as assistant but basically from outside/nowhere]
2005 - Quenneville [brought-in after being fired from St-Louis]
2008 - Granato [re-promoted stupidly]
2009 - Sacco [promoted from AHL farm team affiliate Lake Erie - after they couldn't come to term with Roy]

So basically, they don't necessarily AVOID bringing in coaches from outside the organization as we can see with Q and Crawford just as they promote from within as well. Granato, well, that's just a big giant ? and just doesn't make any sense.

One thing is certain, they either KNOW the guy before hand or they prefer to promote from within. So for THAT reason alone, Lindy Ruff wouldn't be considered.

So if the Avs were to get rid of Sacco at some point, you can pretty much bet that the next coach of this team would be one of:

a) Patrick Roy
b) Jacques Martin
c) David Quinn
d) Dean Chynoweth
e) Tim Army
They have to have some sort of strong past connection somewhere. As detrude mentioned, Q was the Avs assistant under under Crawford. Also Bllington loves BU guys. He's the one that called Sacco to come to Lake Erie when he was working in his family's moving business after retiring. He's probably responsible for bringing in Quinn too.

Deader, Kono, Lefebvre, obviously all ex players. Granato's ties were with Eric Lacroix as they were good buddies and roommates I think on the Kings.

Cloutier they just got stuck with because he played for the Nordiques, and then became their goalie coach right after he retired, and moved his way around the organization.

Crawford's really the only guy that I don't think they had a strong connection to, and that was 20 year ago when PL first got hired.

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