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02-21-2013, 11:52 AM
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Biker bar that my neighbors own. Literally the GOAT tacos. I was told they were the best ever, and I was like "Yeah, ********." Well, they are insane. Homemade spicy, green salsa with half melted and half tossed cheese, tomatos, lettuce, and some of the most ridiculously good marinated steak. Some places also gip you out of steak/beef, but this place overloads it and it just pours out when you try to eat it. It's a plethora of deliciousness. They only do it at the bar on Wednesdays for Mexican night. They have a Mexican chef come in, and he does a wicked job. They also have chicken tacos, but I am afraid to be full and not like the chicken one as much as be pissed I could have had the kick ass steak one instead.

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