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Originally Posted by BVicious View Post
I answered your questions. With all this 'talent' on our top six (Iggy, Tangs, Cammy, Hudler, etc) you don't have room for Baertschi. That's why Iggy and Cammy have to go.

As for Irving, we have a top 5 goalie. Nuff said. And Troy ward is not to blame for Irving not playing in the AHL. To breed winners you need a winning team. If Tayor or Brust give u a better shot at winning, they play. You cannot sacrifice an entire lineup of prospects development on one goalie prospect. You can't blame anyone but Kipper really we have a borderline playoff team that relies on his play to get us there.
I completely disagree. Baerstchi brought more energy than Cammy to start the season, perhaps even Iginla, so if we're going to use the "winning" argument, Baerstchi in the top 9 gave us a better opportunity to win than some other people.

And regarding Irving, all I ask is this: How do we know Irving wasn't our best chance at winning? I ask because I'm pretty sure he played lights out the season before last and carried the Heat. He didn't have enough crease time last year to prove he wasn't the best option.

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