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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
No real argument to back up opinion = tell everyone they like shiny toys.

Del Zotto is a #4 defenseman, at most. He will get paid 5+ on his next contract.

O'Reilly is a #2 shut down center. He may get paid the same.

Which of these is more valuable? Erroneous, because that's all opinion. Fact is their skill level is equal value.

The only issue is needing to bring back another defenseman who can log minutes. That's why Tyson Barrie's name is brought up.

Del Zotto + Boyle + 3rd + 2nd tier prospect
O'Reilly + Barrie

Rangers lose nothing. O'Reilly replaces what Boyle provides defensively and improves the team offensively up front. Barrie replaces what Del Zotto brings offensively, and with more mobility. Rangers have three 3rd round picks (four if they fail to reach the Stanley Cup Finals), and enough top and second tier prospects.

The Value is there, positionally, financially, and skill.

And Holy Christ...stats do NOT make an argument. Hockey is played for a far greater amount of time while no points are being scored. What do players provide while that's happening? That's why Gaborik is a ****ing brutal hockey player. He does nothing between the moments separated by weeks when he scores a goal or a couple in bunches.
He was real brutal last year too.

****ing christ, just admit the bias against Gaborik already.

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