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02-21-2013, 12:08 PM
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I remember when I was Columbus, we went to a random bar to go to use the bathroom. I decided it would be good to just buy a quick drink since we were drinking anyway and wanted to use the bathroom. I'm not going to say it was a biker bar, but it was the same type of crowd, middle aged to old, leather jackets, hats, really dingy place too, old, very little lighting. As soon as I opened the door, everybody turns their head to us and it was like a basement in there with the lighting and everything. I decided, let's make that drink a shot, asked them if they had any Patron. They had never heard of it. I asked them if they had any Grey Goose, never heard of it. So I said, fine, I'll have a beer, do you guys have Corona, of course they didn't, so I asked for an MGD, which they had, then asked me if I wanted to drink it from a glass (I got the strong impression they thought I was some kind of yuppy even though I look nothing like it). Of course I laughed and told them to put the glass back. Quickest beer I ever drank though. The guy sitting next to me reminded me of the old boat captain from Jaws.

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