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Originally Posted by Wolf74 View Post
Other than ice time and actually watching a defenseman play, what stats are the most important in determining the quality of a defenseman?
it's highly debateable, I tend to use a variety of stats.

1) Ice Time, as mentioned, generally a pretty good indicator of a reputable hockey minds opinion of the player (an NHL head coach).

2) +- on 60. The +- of the player per 60 minutes played. I prefer to use this in a differential formula where we subtract the +- off 60 from the +- on per 60 and then compare that number to his team-mates. Using this cross team is highly unreliable though.

3) Def zone start % gives you a good idea that this player is trusted in defensive situations. Same with Off zone start if you are looking at the offensive side.

4) Relative Corsi. Gives you an idea of the players positive impact on the team while they are on the ice. Is the team getting more shots against the opponent then they are allowing while this player is on the ice.

5) GA on/60 How many goals are scored against the team while this player is on the ice per 60 minutes played.

6) Blocked shots. Pretty self explanatory.

7) Takeaways/Giveaways.

No particular order.

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