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02-21-2013, 12:27 PM
Can't Beat Him
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I didn't see last night's game--I didn't even know they were playing.

I will try to watch the archived stream tonight to see what happened.

EDIT: And yes, he is far from perfect. I didn't mean to imply anything other than my belief that he is improving significantly.

First goal: CT turns it over, leading to a 1-on-4 through the middle. McIlrath was going for a change when it happens, and tries in vain to poke the puck from the puck carrier as he skates over the blue line. The guy drops it back to the trailing RW, McIlrath follows the initial puck carrier. RW takes the shot, Talbot makes the save, McIlrath clears his man from the crease, rebound is kicked out to the wide side where another trailing Ice Caps player that joined the rush is there to fire it into the half-empty net. 4 CT players on one side of the ice, the fifth never got back. McIlrath did okay on the play.

Second goal: 3-on-2, play comes down the middle, center dishes to the LW who fires a soft wrister from the top of the circle. Missiaen makes the initial save, but the puck lays in the crease. McIlrath is either completely unaware that the puck is loose, or his stick is stuck in Missiaen's legs--can't tell from the ******-quality video. McIlrath's man taps it in.

First goal was a ****** line change/turnover, McIlrath actually did as he should have. Second goal, I don't know what he was doing.


It's just pain.

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