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02-21-2013, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Mightygoose View Post
An article from Neon Tommy on it's take on the Coyotes saga

I'm not overly familiar with this site or credentials. Doesn't take too much stock in QC as the relo option (maybe she never been there) but on the Seattle bandwagon.


And, in my opinion, the Coyotes are going to Seattle. An untapped, American market that not only is known for being passionate about sports but can also be propped up by rabid Canucks fans in lean times is the best case scenario for the NHL in this relocation saga. The only delay is waiting for the approval of the sale of the Sacramento Kings; the arena deal hinges on an NBA team, not an NHL one. It would not be surprising to hear the Coyotes are moving to Seattle only days after the Kings deal is approved'

I still beleive these two sagas are joined at the hip. Once one domino falls, the other will go very shortly and a whole lot of nothing in the meantime.
She's likely biased, and it doesn't sound like she understands Québec City as much (for one thing, she got the population wrong).

To others, Québec City would be just as much -if not more- of a "no brainer" as she claims.

That said, there may also be some merit regarding how connected the two teams relocating to Seattle may be

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